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EcomHelp.com - Comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs on ecommerce, internet marketing, website design/development, web 2.0 and the new media for your marketing. Ecomhelp.com is part of entrepreneurism network that also includes EntrepreneurismBible.com, the sister web portal for entrepreneurs. Bookmark us and visit us often.

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Internet Business

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eCommerce, eBusiness

Why Insight and Flexibility is More Important than Perseverance in Marketing
Marketing successfully requires not only insight into how a product or service can be successfully marketed but also flexibility into the marketing of a product or service.

Ten Marketing Pitfalls
If you want to make it big in Internet Marketing you need avoid some common mistakes. Here's a list of the top ten Pitfalls that catch out beginner Marketers (and many established ones too!).

Dispel The Myths And Find Success
The internet has made the dream of owning a business attainable. Products are easy to use, advertising is relatively cheap, customer service has been perfected and research is at your fingertips. So why is it that 98% of internet business fail or are unable to provide business owners with a substantial income?

3 Reasons Your Website Might Fail To Attract Enough Customers
Three simple steps you can avoid to get more people to find your website.

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Website Promotion/Marketing

Key Internet marketing terms and vocabulary
A lot of times Internet marketers throw terms around and assume everyone knows what they mean. Here is a list written in layman's terms. Some of these aren't the "precise" technical definition. But they're working definitions that are easy to understand.

Successful Internet Marketing – Web Traffic
Successful Internet marketing is generating lots of revenue from your visitors. How is this possible? How can we turn visitors into customers?

Successful Internet Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
How to increase search engine ranking is a major subject as far as successful Internet marketing is concerned. In this article, we look at search engine optimization (SEO).

Successful Internet Marketing – Blogs
Blogs have gained popularity and importance in the Internet space over the past few years. Becoming a blog user is free; people without computer knowledge can set up a blog instantly and start posting messages immediately.

Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.

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Website Design

Successful Internet Marketing – Web Page Design
A properly designed web page will lead you halfway to successful Internet marketing. Successful Internet marketing is attributed to a few important points about web page design, which are discussed in the article.

3 Must-Have Website Features that Convert Visitors into Customers
Instead of trying to immediately convert the visitor into a paying customer, initiate a relationship with your visitor. This means that you have a strategy to move him through your like, know, and trust process so that he's well acquainted with you when he decides to he's ready to purchase your service.

Top 10 Ways Websites Makes Me Suffer
I believe some people create and publish websites for the sole purpose of tormenting their visitors. Browsing various websites and navigating the Web can often be like trying to read on an airplane while a kid kicks the back of your seat and the baby next to you alternates between screaming, crying and drooling on you.

Create Credibility for Success
Notice any successful marketer and you will find that their success is built strongly on their credibility. They focus on creating lasting materials which will work for them in the long term. 

20 Ideas for creating traffic rich, search engine friendly pages
Instead of lightweight pages with no content, today's pages need to contains high quality information, which is relevant to the online audience. The information rich page is 100% quality, put together with research, relevance, thought and care. No tricks are ever needed.

A Non-stop Marketing Machine
Develop your company's most effective sales tool, your web site, and increase your profits. Your web site should be your best sales person - available 24/7

Engage Your Customer – Write About Benefits
If you’ve ever sat down to write a sales letter and wondered how you’re going to grab your reader’s attention, or you’ve ever gone ‘round in circles writing draft after draft of web copy without ever hitting the mark, then this article is for you.

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